For more than 100 years, we, the monks of Saint Joseph Abbey, have provided educational, cultural and spiritual enrichment - as well as material assistance - to those in need. Yet we, too, have experienced financial pressures as we maintain our traditional life of prayer and work.

The monastic community's determination to follow our mission of service led us to establish the Pennies for Bread and the Abbey program in 1990. Through the years, our efforts have been successfully sponsored by a partnership with both individuals and the business community.

You can help. Please click on the link to the right to learn how to make a donation. Your pennies can help make a big difference in the lives of our less-fortunate brothers.


How does the program work?
In October 1990, the abbey began providing 1,000 loaves a week, 52 weeks a year, to be distributed to the hungry through designated charitable organizations. Presently 2,000 loaves are distributed weekly, providing bread for more than 1 million meals annually in the New Orleans area.

How is the bread distributed?
The charitable institutions receive freshly-baked bread to serve with meals to the needy through the abbey's twice-weekly delivery service. This free donation allows the organizations to use their "bread money" for other badly needed goods and services. Distribution of the bread is nondenominational.

Where is the bread baked?
A small milking parlor on the abbey grounds has been renovated as the bakery. It is equipped with modern ovens and machinery, and has its own delivery truck.

The whole operation is managed by the monks of Saint Joseph Abbey. We bake, cut, bag, and deliver the bread to the needy.

How is the program financed?
The program depends entirely on corporate and individual pledges. Any excess funds after costs will go toward the support of other abbey works.

How can I double my gift?
Many employers offer a matching gift program that can double or sometimes even triple your gift. Talk to your company to see if they offer this opportunity.

How can I get involved?
Complete and return the pledge form and send it to the address below. For more information, call your campaign solicitor, call our development office at 985 867-2235 or write to:

Pennies for Bread and the Abbey
75376 River Road
Saint Benedict, LA 70457