Basic Drawing with Robert Labranche
Losing Fear & Making Your Mark

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June 26 - August 7 1:30 - 4:30 pm

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This is the class that artists always look back on in fondness!

It is to dip your toes in the water and soon finding yourself swimming.

BASIC DRAWING provides the student with an introduction to the basic elements of visual art. The student explores both wet and dry drawing media. This includes pencil, charcoal, and ink. Line quality, value, shape, structure, space, and texture are explained.

Works created have an emphasis on Intention, Energy, Awareness, Freedom of Expression, and Process.


1. Intro to Media. Rhythm & Line Quality.

2. Gesture. Contour, Mass, & Line.

3. Texture. Rubbings & Collage.

4. Shape. Structure.

5. Composition & Balance

6. The Process. Soul & the Flow.

ABOUT Robert Labranche, Instructor.

BFA LSU, Baton Rouge

MFA UNC Greensboro. NC

Professorship, SLU Hammond

Professional Artist