Gifts with Long-Term Impact

Endowment Fund Options
SAINT Joseph Abbey + Seminary College

Within the Saint Joseph Abbey and Seminary College endowment* funds, donors can direct their gifts to one of six general areas.
*“Endowment” means that the original principal remains intact and only earnings are used for the designated purposes.

Monks’ Education Endowed Fund

Earnings assist monks’ continuing education and the education of new monks.

Monks’ Health and Retirement Endowed Fund

Earnings help cover health and retirement costs of monks.

The Abbey Endowed Fund

Earnings are used “where needs are greatest” at Saint Joseph Abbey.

The Seminary College Endowed Fund

Earnings are restricted to the general betterment of St. Joseph Seminary College.

Retreat Ministry Endowed Fund

Earnings are directed for the benefit of Saint Joseph Abbey’s retreat ministry.


Pennies for Bread Endowed Fund

Earnings are used to support the maintenance and operations of Saint Joseph Abbey’s Pennies for Bread Program.  Earnings in excess of what is needed to operate the bakery will go toward the support of the monks and their other ministries.

SAINT JOSEPH ABBEY Monastery Sub-Funds

Buildings' Maintenance & Preservation Fund

Funds dedicated to the church, monastery and refectory

SAINT JOSEPH Seminary College Sub-Funds

Named Scholarship Funds

Used to cover the gap between tuition and the full cost of education


For more information, contact:

Scott Wallace, Director of Institutional Advancement

(985) 867-2235