Abbey is a Special Place for Jeansonne Family

Richard and Lynda Jeansonne

In 2015, Saint Joseph Abbey and Seminary College initiated the S.H.I.P. program. Named after the four pillars of priestly formation used in teaching our seminarians to lead a life in God’s service: Spiritual, Human, Intellectual and Pastoral, it was the Abbey’s first-ever national corporate invitation.

Before the program went on hiatus following the flooding last March, the Abbey was fortunate to partner with Causeway Shuttle, which provides vanpool services for Northshore residents who commute across the lake every day. For owner Richard Jeansonne, Sr., the Abbey has been a part of his and his family’s lives for nearly four decades.

Around 1980 his wife Lynda was recruited to be a nurse at Camp Abbey. For the next 15 years, the couple, along with their five sons, was part of the camping team as well.

“During that time, we were privileged to meet so many of the priests, monks, and seminarians.  These were special times in our lives, and the wonderful memories are still treasured and talked about by our entire family,” said Mr. Jeansonne.

Although the status of the Abbey and its ministries immediately following the flood were uncertain, what Jeansonne did know for certain was that he could help.

“The flooded cars at the Abbey were totally destroyed.  The cost of removing these damaged vehicles posed a significant expense to the Abbey and the seminarians. Causeway Shuttle was able to provide the equipment and the manpower to remove the damaged vehicles and properly dispose of them at no cost to the Abbey,” said Mr. Jeansonne.

Nearly a year later, the numerous flooded vehicles that dotted the Abbey grounds are now a distant memory. Thanks to the commitment of friends of the Abbey like Richard and Lynda Jeansonne, the future of Saint Joseph Abbey is looking brighter with each passing day.

For more information on Causeway Shuttle, visit their website here.