On October 18, 2016 the feast of Saint Luke, considered by some to be the patron saint of artists, Abbot Justin Brown, O.S.B., in the presence of the monastic community, blessed the new home of Abbey Art Works, formerly known as the Abbey’s Old Chicken Coop. Originally located at Camp Abbey, then relocating to Vianney Hall, Abbey Art Works has finally settled into a permanent home.

October 18th marked a new era for Abbey Art Works and artist-in-residence Lyn Hill Taylor, a leader of the program for many years. She, along with the help of Abbot Justin, saw this as an opportunity to share her love of the arts and the belief that absolutely anyone can be an artist. It was also a chance to help strengthen the program for generations to come and allow the community to experience the splendor and peacefulness of the Abbey, located amongst the piney woods of the secluded St. Benedict, La. The importance is in the contemplative making of art, not in the end result.

Out of her strong desire to ensure countless others got to enjoy the unique experience of finding a deeper connection to oneself and the world through art, Lyn created the Guild of St. Luke. 

The Guild is a yearly membership program open to all, including arts organization, professional artists, teachers, working artists, patrons, collectors, scholars, historians and philosophers. Lyn, Abbey Art Works and the Guild aim to change the way art is not only seen, but taught. Old images can be used in new ways that speak to people.