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Will funeral homes accept these caskets?
Yes they will. The Federal Trade Commission ruled that funeral homes are required to and must agree to use caskets bought elsewhere. Also they may not charge a surcharge or handling fee to those who wish to supply their own casket.

Will it fit into my current tomb or grave?
We will be glad to speak to the cemetery representative about the specifics of your particular site.

What if I want a custom made casket?
At this time we are building the current style caskets in the brochure. If you would like a quote on another type and can take delivery of it now we would be glad to discuss this with you.

Can I see the caskets in person?
We will have both styles set up for you to see on the Abbey grounds, please call and set up an appointment for this or any other questions you may have.

How much does a casket cost?
The monastic style casket is $1,700 and the traditional style casket is $2,250. Our "View the Caskets" page has pictures of both casket types so that you can see the difference.

How can I get more information or place an order?
If you have questions please contact us at 985-867-5161 or