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For over 125 years, the abbey has maintained and cultivated an abiding spiritual presence in southern Louisiana that is manifested in our daily rhythms of prayer and witness through a life of simplicity. One physical symbol of the simple Benedictine life of prayer has been the caskets in which we monks are buried.

Over the years, the abbey has been asked to produce these caskets for individuals and has done so only on a very small scale and to select friends. Today, in an effort to support the needs of the abbey and to help maintain its communal life and apostolates, we now make available to the general public a line of cypress caskets under the name Saint Joseph Abbey Caskets. We also hope that this apostolate will serve as a witness, to educate the greater community to the true meaning of death as taught by our Catholic faith.

Answers to commonly asked questions can be found by clicking here, or you can contact us by phone at 985-867-5161, or by e-mail at, for further information. You may also download our brochure here.