The Saint Joseph Abbey Cemetery has extended the available number of plots and is now making them available to the general public.

Individual plots (4' x 9') are priced at $4,500. This includes the plot itself, the headstone and perpetual care. (prices are subject to change.)

A long term payment plan is available. After an initial down payment of $500, you may pay $250 every three months ($1,000 for one year) for four years. For more information on shorter payment plans, call (985) 867-2253. Please note that no burials will be permitted until full payment has been made.

The following are permitted in single plots:

  1. One (1) ordinary burial, or
  2. *One (1) ordinary burial and one (1) cremation burial
  3. *Two (2) cremation burials

* One granite marker will be provided (in cases 1, 2, and 3) with perpetual care as well. The second granite marker (2 and 3), if needed, will be at an additional cost.

For further information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Br. Brian in the Cemetery Office at (985) 867-2253.

Please click here to read the covenants and restrictions for Saint Joseph Abbey Cemetery.